Being me


I drop things.

I’m terrified of phone calls.

When I’m introduced to someone, I never hear their name.

I’m a sleepwalker and I hit people in my sleep.

My eyes look tiny without mascara.

The left half of my face is prettier than the right one.

I sleep with my phone next to me so I could write something down when it pops in my head.

When I go out with my friends, they have to hold my hand, because they are afraid I might get lost in the crowd (I’m 1.50-something)

I like to wear male shirts.

I was natural blonde when I was little.

Sometimes I can be cross-eyed.

I’m a dog person.

I bite my lip or make funny faces when I’m nervous.

I like trains. No, really, I do.

M. Stefanova, 19 January 2013


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