Making assumptions and predictions about one’s reaction is the biggest mistake a person can make. Having conversations all by yourself, replaying all the things said, and those you never did… Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. This is one of the main reason people fight. And separate. And fall out of love with each other. The latter, in my opinion, is the worst case scenario.

I learned that not by choice, but because life is a tough teacher. And its lessons come only after you’ve broken your heart and lost what you swore you never would.

Communication is always the key to a healthy relationship. Sounds like a cliché. Well, maybe because it is. Isn’t it a cliché because it’s the ultimate truth?

Just take it as an advice, assuming that someone’s actually reading this. God bless your soul, you have nothing better to do.



M. Stefanova, 27 December 2012






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