I had a great day today. Yeah, that’s pretty much all I have to say. I was so exhausted the minute I got home, that I went straight to bed. Almost asleep I remembered I had to write something in my blog. So, here it is. Something.

Cause you see, it happens quite often that I forget or just don’t have anything in particular to say. But I sit on my laptop and stare at the blank page until it hits me. Most of the time it happens minutes before midnight, but the good news is – it happens. I get my inspiration. And I meet my ‘deadline’.

I learned that in real life, you have deadlines, which either people give you or you give yourself. Be it when you’ll have lunch or when you have to submit an essay, you will always have deadlines. Call it ‘to do’ list if you want, you have to do shit, want it or not.

And all I wanted was to fall asleep, but I had to write something here. Because I had a deadline. So here it is, your little something. Welcome to the real world. Stay creative. Meet your deadlines.



M. Stefanova, 14 January 2013


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