Five stupid things a girl does when she likes you


1. She writes your name in her notebooks

All of them, all the time. She may also add some hearts or flowers or smiley faces. You know, something cute and girly.

2. She stalks you on facebook/instagram/twitter and other social media

And when she is not stalking you, she simply stares at your name on the facebook messenger or if she’s lucky enough, at your number on her phone. And does nothing but stare. And imagine how you text/call her. Which you never do.

3. She acts all cool and indifferent 

She will all of a sudden turn into a bitch, since, you know, that way you will like her even more. She will hardly look at you or talk to you, since, you know, that way you will want her more.

4. She likes the same stuff as you do

After countless sleepless nights of stalking, she already know all your favourite artists, songs, films and books (assuming you read). And she starts listening to your favourite bands and watches all your favourite films and series. She may even cut her hair and pierce her nipples, if she sees you like the page ‘I <3 girls with short hair and pierced nipples’.

5. She associates everything with you

All her tweets/statuses are about you. Some of them are romantic, some – playful, some even glum. But they are all about you. She will post songs and pictures which she associates with you and which express her feelings about you, which she has not yet revealed.


All in all, if a girl likes you, you’re gonna have a bad time. On the other hand, if I like you, it’s okay. Because I’ll simply say ‘I like you’ and that’s that.



M. Stefanova, 22nd January 2013


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