Five things I learned as a Bulgarian student in UK


1. Everything over one pound is expensive.

If you come from an ordinary middle-class Bulgarian family, you will learn how to save money. You will shop from Poundland, Poundshop andoccasionally from Primark. You will always count your change. And no
fast food. You have to learn how to cook. Otherwise, you die from starvation.

2. Look right.

Since here everything is reversed, you have to look the other side when you cross the street. You’ll eventually get used to it. Or you will get hit by a car and die.

3. Saying sorry

‘Sorry’ will become the word you use most. You will learn to say sorry even when it is not your fault or nothing happened. You have to. Or you will get stabbed. Of course, the person who stabbed you will be polite enough to say Sorry.

4. Forget your Bulgarian manners

 Or more accurately, the lack of it. Here people are actually nice and swear only when drunk (from what I’ve seen). And even completely wasted, they will ask you about your feelings, hopes and dreams. And they will probably say nothing of your mum. Unlike in Bulgaria, when that have become something like ‘Hello to you, too!’ I haven’t heard of death caused by politeness, but who knows?

 5. You will be depressed, but that’s okay

 You will miss your parents, your dog (I won’t say cats, cause I don’t like cats), your friends, cheap alcohol, cheap whores, cheap everything. And you will be sad about it. The weather of course won’t help much, since it’s raining most of the time. And one day, you’ll say to yourself you had enough of this shit, you’ll go out, get drunk with real alcohol (because in Bulgaria most of it is fake) and you’ll pick a fight. That’s when you get killed.

Sorry, mate! Welcome to UK!

M. Stefanova, 21 January 2013


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