Five things I used to do


When I was in high school, I used to do a lot of things I don’t do anymore. Whether it was to impress someone or just because it was cool and everybody did it. Don’t expect drugs, because I’ve never done that. Don’t expect sex either, because I lost my virginity when I was 18. These are just normal stuff I don’t do anymore.

5. Playing video games

I was so good at CS and GTA. I kicked so many asses! I started playing because of a boy, but then I realized how much fun it was. Unfortunately, the boy turned out to be a great disappointment and since every time I played I thought of him, one day I just stopped playing.

4. Playing basketball

This I did for fun and to keep myself in a good shape, not because of someone else. I even played two seasons at the basketball team in my school. All summer I spend on the field with my friends, but then they all went to university and well, no one got time for basketball anymore.

3. Drinking and partying

I used to go to clubs very often and drink like it was for the last time in my life. In the morning, I felt like shit, but I really
couldn’t care less. It was worth it. Ironically enough, I stopped drinking alcohol when it was finally legal for me to do so.

2. Watching anime and reading manga

I was such a huge fan! I spent all my days watching Naruto or The Vampire Knight or Death Note and reading manga. I was obsessed, if not in love with Sasuke (if you’re a fan, you’d understand). I am still not sure why and when I stopped.

1. Doing something for the wrong reasons

This one I actually regret doing and am glad I stopped on time, before I lost myself completely. I used to do and like things because someone else liked them. And I liked him. And I didn’t know who I was. There’s nothing more frightening than to don’t have even the slightest idea who you are and what you’re capable of.





M. Stefanova, 15 December 2012




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