Let me get this straight – I’ve never been a girl’s girl. I don’t know how to put make-up on, except for mascara and lipstick (the basics). And I’ve never wore high heels by my own request.

But I had what you can call a girly day today. And I pretty much enjoyed it. Who am I kidding? I fucking loved it!

Me and a friend of mine spent the whole day changing outfits, putting make-up on and taking photos of ourselves. Yes, we shared some boyfriends drama, but what kind of girly day would it be without drama? We danced, we laughed and it was awesome.

In days like this I regret not having more girlfriends. And more days like this one. I’ve always liked Sex and the City, after all.

Chicks over dicks, as my friend likes to say!

Chicks over dicks! I’d drink to that!



M. Stefanova, 4 January 2013



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