Hometown sadness


I saw a girl from my hometown today. She is currently working at a small shop on the corner of my street. I went to buy some popcorn for a movie night with my brother.

She seemed happy to see me. We were once friends. Then I transferred to a school in the big city and we stopped seeing each other.

She have always wanted to study, to travel, she loved reading. Maybe that’s why we were so close. And I was surprised to see her working in a shop. We talked for what it seemed like an hour. She knew I was studying abroad. And she asked me about everything – about university, the country, the people. And she seemed so happy for me, excited even.

I felt sorry. Not for her, because that would be the worst thing to do to someone. I felt sorry for the obstacles. For the reason she couldn’t afford to go to university – her father. He is alcoholic. And she had to work if she wanted to keep the house. Her father’s house. Her father, the alcoholic.

As we said our goodbyes, it was as all her sadness went into me, and all my happiness – through her. As we were channeling. She was sincerely happy for me, I could see that. And I felt sad. I came to realize that I have everything worth wanting. I only wished she could have that too some day.

I never bought popcorn. I couldn’t.



M. Stefanova, 9th January 2013



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