In the movies


I’m not the biggest romantic ever to walk on earth, nor do I want what most girls do. However, I’ve always wanted certain scenes from certain movies (the titles are not needed) to happen to me. One of which is someone waiting for me at the airport with a sign saying simply my name.

I was promised this from my best friend and her boyfriend, who came to see me today at the airport. However (a favourite word of mine!), there was no sign. I won’t hide it, I was disappointed and a little bit sad, because I really wanted that sign. But you see, I couldn’t stay mad at them, because of the following conversation.

Me: So, where is my sign?

Scott: You see, there was this man..

Me: And he robbed you?

Scott: Yeah! We made you this big sign saying “Welcome to UK, Marty, we love you” and we added many many many kisses. And you see, his girlfriend was also Marty and he didn’t make any effort, he stole our effort! My blood and tears…

You see, maybe I don’t need a big sign, when I have people close to my heart waiting for me at the airport. Most of the films that do are stupid anyway.



M. Stefanova, 12 January 2013



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