Lights, camera, action!


Why is it that every time I’m really interested in a book or a film, I have the feeling that it is written and made just for me? I can always relate to the plot, to the characters, it’s all about me, they’ve described me, they’ve filmed me!

Unfortunately for me and luckily for the producers, it only happens when I’m gloomy (gives the public the tragedy they deserve). Probably because when one is happy, the only thing in his mind is the source of this happiness. While, when being sad, one overreacts, plays different scenarios in his head, regrets having done this and that, analyzes. Which only doubles the tragedy, again, fortunately for the producers.

It’s always calming to know that someone out there knows and understands. But it sure sucks watching someone play you so well in a film that you usually refer to as real life.

Such a shame, because I love watching films. Guess I have to get used to the idea that I’m playing the main role in most of them.




M. Stefanova, 13 January 2013



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