Top five hottest actors

I’m a girl with rich imagination and a lot of free time on her hands, so I watch films. And series. A lot. I may not be single, but I’m allowed to dream, right? So here are my top 5 actors or/and their characters that I would like to f(uck)riend. As you may notice, I have a thing for loners, messed-up, deep, dark men. What can I say, they are way hotter than regular guys. Or gay guys. Or lava.

5. Riley Smith (as Riley Wallace in ‘90210’)


You didn’t think even for a second that I would not mention him, did you? I mean, hello, except the fact that he is smoking hot, he has his issues. Which immediately makes me more attracted to him. I’ve watched Riley Smith in ‘Motorcrossed’ and ‘Minuteman’, but I adore him as Riley Wallace. Yes, issues, I know!

4. Misha Collins (as Castiel in ‘Supernatural’)


And I’m pretty sure I’m going to hell for this one. But oh, when he looks at me (let me have this one, please!) with those eyes wide open, I’m melting inside. Plus, he is an angel, no matter a fallen one or not. And in my world, that’s bloody awesome.

3. Joseph Morgan (as Nicklaus in ‘The Vampire Diaries’)


What’s more attractive than a man, hurting people (or killing them) due to his fear to be hurt himself? Yes, I know what I just said. And no, I’m not one of those girls who fall for the wrong guy just so they could change him. Nope. I just fall for the wrong guy. Period. End of story. Plus, I’ve always fancied British accent and a six-pack. He can call
me love anytime he wants to.

2. James McAvoy (as Tom Lefroy in ‘Becoming Jane’)


The most beautiful Scottish man I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen a lot for the last three months, trust me!). I have seen a lot of his films, but I fell in love with him in Becoming Jane. If you still haven’t figured me out, I’m a huge fan of impossible love. Plus, I get to see him crying, which only makes me want him more. In know, I have some serious problems with myself. Trust me, I know.

1. Christian Bale (as Bruce Wayne in the Batman trilogy)


From sad little boy, who lost his parents, he turns into strong, handsome, but lonesome man. Despite the fact that Christian Bale’s birthday is also my birthday and that we are meant to be together (but he doesn’t know it.. yet), he has pretty much all that I want in a man. And I’m expecting him in bed any time now. Sorry, gotta go!

M. Stefanova, 3 January 2013


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