Another option

__s_i_n_k___by_CamarynWe like to have a lot of options to choose from, but when we’re not the chosen ones, it sure as hell hurts (mostly our ego). We are afraid that, opening a new door, we close another. But is that always the case?

If you’re currently in a relationship, have you wanted to be single? And if you’re currently single, do you enjoy it? Or are you looking for that someone, even if he/she is not that special?

A friend of mine told me that she wasn’t good at being single and alone. I understand that she needs a boyfriend and doesn’t like her facebook profile constantly reminding her she is single. But what’s wrong with being alone? And why do a lot of people associate the one with the other? You can be alone even in a relationship. And that does not mean you’re lonely. Of course, the vice versa do exist and you can feel lonely even if you’re with someone. I think we’re the only ones who can ‘define’ that for ourselves – lonely, alone, single, in a relationship, hungry, bored. It does not have to depend on someone else. Our happiness or even misery does not have to depend on anyone.

Then why are we so afraid to be alone? So afraid we can’t even stand ourselves.

M. Stefanova, 2013


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