Five things that make me go asdfg


1. Fights

Disagreements, challenges, confrontations, call it however you want. But if you try and actually succeed in proving me wrong, I’m yours.

2. Sad films

Impossible love, someone died, a plane crash? Most people would cry or at least get all sad and sympathetic. When watching a film like that all I can think about is now. Which is a perfect moment to take me to bed, rip off my clothes and do nasty things to me.

3. British accent

Okay, that’s not a surprise to anyone. But my affection is beyond normal. There’s no need for me to even look at or touch a guy. It’s not necessary to have sex either. I have only one condition – just don’t stop talking, don’t stop, don’t stop..

4. Beards

Or mustaches, or any other type of facial hair. Or hair at all. Yeah,
hair is good. But you know what we say in Bulgaria – too good is no good. So no Chewbacca, please.

5. Shoes

There’s bigger chance for me to want to sleep with someone if I like what
they’re wearing, particularly their shoes. I love male shoes, male jeans, male shirts.. You get the idea.

M. Stefanova, 2013


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