Anal sex for brighter future

tumblr_lw367iKRcN1qzayzko1_1280I’ve always been open to new ideas and trying new things, whether it’s
food, drink or something a little more personal (meaning sexual). I’m
not exactly traditional in that department, but there are places
you just can’t put it. Well, you can, but.. NO.

This was my thinking, until I saw a video a couple of days ago, which
made me laugh and think at the same time (that happens once in a blue
moon). Anyway, before I say anything about it, I think you should
watch it first. It promotes anal sex.

This girl looks like she knows what she’s doing, she has her future
all planned out and she knows exactly how she’s going to achieve it –
by having anal sex. I really admire her enthusiasm. And I do believe
she will be successful some day, but probably not in the way she

And if I expect anal sex to get me to the top and make me a successful
editor, for example, then I should probably have it with my boss. Hopefully, he
won’t turn out to be a she.

P.S. In case you didn’t get it, this was a joke.

M. Stefanova, 2013


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