Five TV series and the lessons they taught me

0824_tv21. Gossip Girl – I hate people

I actually hate that show, I don’t know why I started watching in in the first place. The good news is, while watching it, I found out I hate people as well. Or at least most of them. The shallow, spoiled, manipulative, lying ones. I guess that leaves a really small number of people for me to love, eh?

2.  Top Gear – Never stop laughing

Sounds strange that humour is the lesson I learned from a car show, don’t you think? But come on now, let’s be honest, does anyone actually watch Top Gear mainly because of the cars? I know I don’t.

3. Friends – Stick together

Find friends as weird as you are (if possible) and never let them leave your life. Be weird together and creep normal people out by stalking them on the street (on facebook is not fun anymore) or pretend you know them and make a scene in public. The lesson here is, never do it alone. Oh, and run fast.

4. Two and a half men – Drinking is rarely the answer

It’s more of a temporary solution to all your problems. But once you sober up and face reality, they are all waiting for you – the responses from your ex to your drunk-texting, the number of that boy written with a permanent marker on your forehead and that ugly bold naked guy lying next to you. Drinking will never help you find the answer, but sure makes the searching more fun.

5. Supernatural – Sex on the backseat is a must-do

Especially when the car is Chevrolet Impala 1967 and smells like rock, leather and cheap beer. It may not sound classy, but is a number one in my To Do list before I turn 30. Truth to be told, I don’t have such a list and I’d do it even if I’m 50 (of course if I find someone as old and creepy to do it with).

M. Stefanova, 2013


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