Five terrible people I want to say ‘Thank you’ to (or a spoon full of drama)


Who needs Gossip Girl when you have high school memories?


1. The psycho bitch who made me fall in love with a boy that doesn’t exist

Long story short – she made up a boyfriend of hers, dated him around a year, made fake profiles around the internet of him and his supposed friends. And stupid me even fell for one of them, but can you blame me? He was cute, funny, he understood me. There’s only one thing – he doesn’t exist.

 2. The boyfriend that made me realize I deserve more

He assured me he loved me and would do anything for me. The problem was not that these were all sweet lies just to get me in bed. The problem was he was ashamed of me, though (I didn’t know it at the time) I was the one to feel ashamed of our relationship.


3.  The back-stabbing ex-best friend

This one is a classic. She was like my sister, until she started a relationship with a guy, 11 years older than her (we were 14-15 at the time). I lied she was with me when she was with him, because I’d do anything for her. Until she started a rumour that I was pregnant from the guy she dated. I lived in a small town back then, where we all know each other. You don’t have to be a genius to know my parents found out.

4. The guy, who fell in love with me and tried to ruin me

We are talking about the same guy from №3. Or should we call him man? Anyway, after my ex-bestie broke things off with him for getting too serious, he decided I was him true love. Midnight calls, letters, texts, he tried everything. Of course, I wasn’t interested and told him so. Then the treats started. He actually said he was going to kill me. I’m writing this now, so we all know how that ended.

5. The girl, who broke my best friend’s heart several times

It’s one thing to hurt and humiliate me, it’s quite another to mess with the people I love and care about. Especially him. Why cheat when you have the guy of your dreams? Why beg him for second, and third, and fourth chance, when you plan on cheating again? I guess even she doesn’t know the answers.


I’d say screw you all, but I’m not a bitch. And you actually taught me to be a better person, by showing me what I don’t want to turn into. So I wish you well. Except for №5, she can go to hell.



M. Stefanova, 2013



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