To her rescue

tumblr_mir87sISxR1s5s090o1_500–       Hello?

He sounded grumpy.

–       Hi. Did I wake you?

It was 2 in the morning.

–       No. Yes. Is something wrong?

–       No, it’s nothing. Go back to sleep. I’ll figure something out.

–       I’m already awake, what’s up?

–       Well, I’m in front of some club. My roommate and her friend abandoned me and I have no idea how to go home. But it’s fine, I’ll get a taxi.

–       I’m coming to get you.

–       No, seriously, it’s fine.

–       Tell me the name of the street.

Twenty minutes later, he was in front of the club. She wasn’t there. He went inside, but still couldn’t find her. Again, he went outside to call her, because the music was too loud. She didn’t pick up. On the seventh ringing, he heard a phone vibrating nearby. She was sitting on the ground, half-asleep.

–       Hey. Hey.

–       Oh, hiiiii, I’m so glad yo made itttt!!

–       Are you drunk?

–       Nope. Nononope.. Maybe a little.

–       Okay, let’s get you home.

Another ten minutes for the cab and fifteen for him to take her into her apartment.

–       Stay with me.

–       I can’t. You’re drunk.

–       Yeah, sure.

–       Come on, get some sleep.

–       I can’t. That’s why I went to that club. That’s why I tried to get myself drunk. I can’t sleep.

–       Why?

–       I don’t know. Please, stay.

And he did. She finally fell asleep. By the time she woke up, he was gone.



P.S. This was all a dream I had. I usually don’t remember my dreams, but you could say this one was pretty special.

M. Stefanova, 2013



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