A fantasy

tumblr_mj18xrGD4l1rjfpf8o1_500With every second the clock counted, my impatience grew stronger and stronger. The alcohol sliding in my veins was not enough and I began to realize what I was about to do. There was not going back, I knew that, though I felt like a whore. I felt cheap, being in his bedroom. I felt naked. And no wonder, I was naked, body and soul. I was about to give him everything. Where is he? I needed a drink. My head hurt, my heart ached.

He entered the room, went pass me and sat on the bed, all so quiet. My mouth went dry. What was I about to do? Who was I to try and seduce him? A fool, that’s what I was.

–       Why are you here?

–       For you.

–       I don’t want you.

–       Tell me who you want me to be. 

He stood there, watching me, piercing me with those cold eyes. So cold, I shivered.

–       Tell me who you want me to be.

I took a step closer, then two more, until he was finally facing me, and I – him.

–       I don’t love you, you know?

–       I know. Now tell me, who you want me to be? I’ll be anyone for you. I’ll do anything.

At this point, the pain had become unbearable. I breathed him, he breathed me, our lips kissing without touching.

–       You’re nobody.

–       Yes.

–       Say it. You’re nobody.

–       I’m nobody.

–       You’re mine.

–       I’m yours.

He pushed me to the bed and climbed on top of me. The rest was a fantasy.



M. Stefanova, 2013


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