Dreaming of reality

tumblr_ml783mu71n1rms86no1_500Nothing new ever happens to us. The things that do, they’ve already happened before, but we were too young to remember.

A friend of mine has a crush on one boy, that she knows she could never be with. She is from UK, he’s from the States.

It’s not that she thinks about him all the time, she knows better than that. But when she goes to sleep, she dreams about him. He dreams of his childhood memories. Everything that has happened to him since his birth, she dreams of it.

She never meant to fall in love with the guy. But by the time she realized what was going on, it was too late for her to be saved.

You see, she was too in these dreams. They were too young, at the age of 10 probably, but they were together.

This is impossible, of course. She has never been to the States, he has never set foot on UK. But it was real. And she loved him because she knew him, even though they never met. Oh, but they did. In her dreams, they knew each other since day 1. They were inseparable.

Truth to be told, it was all a dream. The boy, my friend and her dreams. All a big dream, nothing real. And I woke up at 4 in the
morning so I could write it down before I forget. So it could live on. Because maybe it happened before. After all, nothing new ever happen to us.



M. Stefanova, 2013



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