Top 5 lessons I learned from Friends, season 7

tumblr_m5u1whp8YH1rwlmc4o1_500It would be appropriate if I write an introduction. But how could I? It’s not like anyone of you don’t know that Friends is the best thing on Earth. Plus, it’s Tuesday, I’m lazy, potato, Batman. There you go – an introduction. Now lets move to the lessons.

#1. You can cancel plans with friends if there’s a possibility for sex. Everyone knows that sex is more important than coffee with friends. While you can always drink coffee the morning after that, telling your friends about the kinkiest sex you’ve ever had, you can’t always get another person to sleep with you. Sex over coffee, we all do it.

#2. Superman flew the Jews through the desert. It is even written in the Bible. And taught at Bible camp. You didn’t know? Well, I hope you’re happy, you just made Jesus cry. 

#3. There is at least one Mike at every coffee house. And at least a hundred Lyanns, Kaitlins and Cristys out in Glasgow bars every Friday night.

#4. Rossetron is the coolest nickname, but it would never stick. Why, I would never understand. Even if I try to, which I won’t.

#5. Stealing cheesecake is wrong. Stealing money, however, not so much. I mean, cheesecake is so much delicious than money. Ever tried eating a $20? Or God forbid, a £1?



M. Stefanova, 2013



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