Day 24: Naked

photo (18)Day 24: 13/05/13

 I’ve always wondered why people feel uncomfortable being naked. Isn’t that the most comfortable we’re supposed to feel? We came to this world naked, and we will leave it that way. Yet, when you have only your skin to protect you, you feel weak and exposed. It’s like your body has a mind, and not the other way around.

I’ve always considered human body to be the most beautiful thing. You can see it in so many forms, ages, colours. It symbolizes life. It gives life. It takes it back sometimes. It’s still beautiful. Every movement, every gesture, every fall.

 I’ve never had the perfect body. Not at least the one I pictured in my head. But like it, or not, I was never ashamed of it. Someone once said that we’ve been given bodies to keep our souls safe. And these bodies shall be ours until the last day. We can either change them, or learn to love them. I’ve been doing the latter for 20 years. I’ve always been fond of change, so I’m doing the first now, I’m trying to change it. And I’m doing it for myself.
My weight was never genetic. I just had a grandmother that wouldn’t let me off the table until I finished my meal. And she always gave me double plates, double greasy. When I was little, I couldn’t say no to people. I thought they’d hate me if I did. Well, that didn’t make them like me either. I still sometimes find it hard to say no, but the difference is, I don’t care anymore. It’s true what they say, when we get older, we become egoists. Not necessarily true. We just start thinking more of ourselves than of people who give nothing in return, but keep on taking. We become more aware of our own goals and wishes and seize to achieve them. Those, who cannot understand that, just have no place around us. Simple as that.


M. Stefanova, 2013



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