Day 26: Dreaming

IMG_4155Day 26: 15/05/13

You should really know me before you decide you don’t like me. It usually takes time for me to be myself around people. At least around those I like. That’s probably because I actually care about their opinion.

 I thought of the most beautiful thing last night. It bore all the meaning there is in this world, in my world. I wanted to write about it, to describe it, to give life to it. I was awake, but couldn’t open my eyes. I told myself I’ll remember it in the morning. Of course, I didn’t.

There are theories that what happens to you when you’re awake is not reality. It’s a dream. And when you’re sleeping and actually dreaming – that’s the only reality. Some say you can decide what to dream of, the same way you make decision while you’re awake. Can’t really tell which one is real. But aren’t they all?

Dreams have always fascinated me. Yet again, there are so many things I’m curious about, it’s hard to keep track.

You should know I’m sleepwalking. I seem to wake up, do things, speak, but I’m not really awake. Most of the times I hit either the furniture or the person next to me. And I don’t remember doing anything in the morning. And that’s scary. Going to sleep and not knowing what you may do or say; though that describes half my life, if not all of it.

M. Stefanova, 2013


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