Day 31: My dad

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100Day 31: 20/05/13

 Today one of the two most important men in my life has a birthday. My dad. My support.

The person that always gave me more than he could offer. The person that, when I told him I want to study abroad, said “You’ll go” without second thoughts. The person who would take the shirt off his back, if I asked him to.

My dad. My hero.

I was looking at pictures from my childhood today and I am smiling on every single one of them. Because my parents gave me everything I wanted, even though they couldn’t afford much. Because they raised me, and they did well.

I had a rather busy day at work today, but all I did was think of different memories I have with daddy. Like when I was 5, he took me with him to the field. That was my first time riding in a tractor and I sang until my throat hurt, trying to sound louder than the machine.

Or that time, when, after he taught me to ride a bicycle, I fell, and he was there to pick me up. He is always there, even miles away from me.

Or how he was the one to tell me I’m going to Scotland, to not worry about the money, he will take care of it. Or how at the airport everyone had tears in their eyes, saying goodbye, but I only bursted into tears when I saw that my father was crying.

My dad, he will always be my hero. Happy 51th birthday, daddy! I love you with all my heart!


M. Stefanova, 2013



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