Day 59: A song

tumblr_m92xpgPRcE1rssbf3o1_500Day 59: 17/06/13

 It’s easy to forget the reason why I came here. I know I’m fighting for something, but I tend to forget what for.

 Then I listened to a song. For those 3 short minutes I remembered. I’m here for me and me only. I’m building my dreams. I will travel the world. I will discover bands and musicians. I will write about the only real thing, apart from those I love, that matters to me – music. And everything starts here and now.

I played this song at least 10 times. And every time I concentrated on something different – every guitar riff, every drum solo, the intensity, the change of rhythm, it all mattered. My dreams mattered. And I was one step closer to turning them into reality. My being here was given a purpose. My heart was given a smile. And my mind – a window, big enough for me to fly away.

That’s what a song can do. Three minutes can make a difference. Don’t trust anyone who ever tells you otherwise.

M. Stefanova, 2013


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