15 things I never said (that one night with that one guy)

tumblr_minhfoSQDP1rlskzbo1_500I stopped writing, because I wanted to live rather than write about living. I wanted to experience amazing things outside my imagination.
And I did. You may or may not read about them, it’s all up to my mood. And it has been great lately.

I don’t usually kiss and tell, but there are just things that need to be said, though I did not say them at the time. A few weeks ago, I had
sex with a guy I barely knew, if not at all. We had fun, I spent the night at his place, we talked, laughed, and seemed to both enjoy the company of each other. Yet, there were things I just couldn’t ask. So instead of doing so and completely embarrass myself, I decided to write them down here, take it off my chest (or simply brag about it, who knows). 

#1. Why did you have to ask me about my favourite film with that gorgeous grin on your face? Oh, yeah, touching my hand would really
help me remember the name of at least one film I’ve watched for my 20 years being on Earth, not.

#2. On that note, did I see you making a face when my answer was LOTR? That’s in fact my number 2, right after Fight Club.

#3. Are you there yet? Like, really, it’s been 3 hours of unbearable pleasure for me, thank you, but I can’t feel a thing down there anymore, let’s just get it over with!

#4. You didn’t mention a girl. Any girl. Why? How come are you single? Meaning, what’s wrong with you?

#5. Watching Top Gear after sex, and eating extra spicy pizza is only the best thing ever. If I could move any part of my body right now,
I’d show you how glad I am that you are an awesome human being.

#6. Who taught you that thing you do with your mouth? Like really, I’d like to know.

#7. Finishing our sentences or saying something at the same time really creeps me out. And please, don’t ever say the L word again.

#8. It was really cool that you introduced me to your flatmate/friend. Made me feel more comfortable, and was like you’re saying “See, I’m
not embarrassed to be seen with you, even though your hair looks weird and your make up is all gone.”

#9. I could totally imagine being on this couch every now and then.

#10. I do love rough sex, including biting, pulling hair, scratching. But having to look at my bruised body for over a week, that wasn’t

#11. Why did you feel the need to make promises we both know you wouldn’t keep to a girl, who runs for her life when she hears the word commitment?

#12. We both knew from the beginning it was just sex, but it was nice you pretended it wasn’t.

#13. I laughed my ass off when I woke up at 6am and you were sleeping hugging a frozen bottle of vodka. I laughed even more when you woke up, looked at me spooked and said “It’s not what you think”.

#14. No one has ever talked dirty to me and I didn’t even realized I like it so much. Thank you for that.

#15. By walking me to your door and kissing me goodbye you caught me off guard. Don’t do that again (the off-guard thing). Though we both know you won’t.


M. Stefanova, 2013



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