5 sex scenarios on 5 songs

make_love_to_me_forever_by_schmoo15-d3l3qr3When you’re in your 20s, you’re supposed to find yourself. At least that’s what people in their 30s tell you. Some feel completed only when in a relationship, while others prefer to follow their own path, on their own. I can’t tell whether or not I fall into one of these categories. But being young is all about experimenting. And what better way to do it than sex? We all think about it all the time, whether we admit it or not. When you’re in love, all of your attention is directed towards this one person, that you otherwise would not spend even a minute thinking about. For the fortunate, like me, who have the pleasure of not sharing their every second with just one person, the act of sex in there to complete the supposed hole that love couldn’t fill. Or that’s what people in relationships tell us. Here are the 5 types of sex I would (or have already had) with 5 different people, on 5 different songs.

1. Cookie Thumper – Die Antwoord

We meet at a rave party. We are both drunk. We try drugs, we smoke weed. To say you are dressed oddly would be an understatement. You are only 18, I don’t care. I can feel the repetitive music going through my veins, straight to my brain and disarming it. My heart’s not working either. And something gets to me. ‘Wanna get out of here?’, I don’t even hear myself saying it. But you do. You grab my hand. Yours is all sweaty, I don’t care. We go at your place, it takes an eternity. Your room is shaking, I see lights coming on and off, on and off, I hear voices, though we are all alone. I don’t care. I undress you, you undress me. That’s the last thing I’ll remember. But in the morning, when the sunlight has sobered my mind and I look at you, sleeping in the bed next to me, I know. I’m self-destructive. And I’ve taken you down with me.

2. Smoking Gun – Indiana

I was in love with you. At the time, you weren’t. Your friendship ruined me. Then we both found someone else and each went their separate way. Now we’re both single, some sort of friends. You want me. I don’t. But I admit you’re still attractive. So I’ll let you have me. But I’ll hold all the cards. I will not have my eyes closed when I’m kissing you. I will not cuddle after. I’ll get dressed and leave. I will call you again whenever I want to. I will not be hurt by you again. Oh, and one more thing – I will be on top.

3. Tunnel Vision – Justin Timberlake

I like you so much it hurts just by the thought of it. And I see it in the way you’re watching me, that you do too. I like you because you’re just like me, only stronger. And I can see myself falling deeply in love with you. If only I could. If only we could. But I’m leaving, you’re leaving. The both of us will never be at this exact place together ever again. We won’t see each other ever again. But I’ll pretend we will. Goodbye kissed are so much sweeter when you pretend they’re just ordinary kisses. And you will leave them all over my body, touching the place where my heart is supposed to be, kissing my neck, playing with my hair. You will be the best I’ve ever had, probably because I will never truly have you. Nor will I forget you.

4. Rock & Roll Queen – The Subways 

You have a band. You are all tattooed up, with messy hair and little brown eyes that see right through me. You have me on the tips of your fingers, and you don’t even know it. And when you come and chat me up at the pub, right after your set, when you’re still sweaty and heavy-breathing, I’ll lose it. I will know that’s how you look right after sex. And that I’m neither the first, nor will be the last girl that falls into the trap of your talent. But I simply don’t care. Because I want you. I want those strong hands that just minutes before were dancing with the guitar strings, and I want them all over my body. So I’ll have them. I’ll have you, for a night. And that would be it. In the morning, when it’s light outside, I’ll find that it’s your music I desired. The fact that I had it through your body is just a bonus.

5.  Swimming Pools (Drank) – Kendrick Lamar 

I don’t like you, not even the little bit. You wear jeans several sizes too big for you, OBEY clothing, and you only listen to hip hop. You call all your friends ‘bros’ and have never read a book in your life, not even in school. But you’ve been bothering me for so long. And you’re not necessarily what  I would call a horrible human being, plus you look completely enchanted by my existence. So we’ll have sex. I won’t like it and it won’t last long. You will ask me afterwards if we can go out sometime. I’ll say ‘sure’ and will make sure to not see you again. I’ll move houses if I have to. Rare are the girls that fall in love with guys who show that much affection that soon. I know I’m not one of them.

M. Stefanova, 2013


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