5 things that will make me question your character


Trust has always been an issue for me. People come, people go. And I’ve learned that little things do matter. So here’s a list of the top 5 little things that will make me question one’s honesty and reliability, though they don’t have much to do with these qualities. They may look silly to you, but they sure matter a lot to me. 

#1. If you have nothing to drink in your fridge. Except milk. You don’t even have squash or Coke. Like, what am I
supposed to do with milk?

#2. If you are silent during sex.
And I mean dead silent. People in my university library during exam week make more noise than you. Not even a moan or heavy breathing? Are you even enjoying this?

#3. If you only wear designer’s clothing.
Okay, cool, you have money and obviously have created a personal style around the brands you like, but really, you don’t own a single thing under £50. Not even a £3 shirt from Primark you use for sleeping?

#4. You don’t like dogs
What is wrong with you? Why do you hate the universe? Why do you hate people?

#5. You are super close with your high school buddies
Like, you’re together non-stop and always talking about high school, and how cool it was skipping classes and failing tests. Really, if you were that cool in high school, then you’re not at all cool in real life.


M. Stefanova, 2013



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