27 relatable quotes said by Ross from Friends

tumblr_lsgh6fZJqW1qfhjqf1. I honestly don’t know if I’m hungry or horny.

2. Hi.

3. Every day is lesbian lover’s day!

4. You’re over me? When were you under me?

5. It’s always been you.

6. I want a couch that says kids are welcome, but also says come here to me.

7. Why is it inside out?

8. My life is an embarrassment. I should live under somebody’s sairs.

9. When you put a D in fine, you’re not fine.

10. I’m at rock bottom.

11. Ah, humour based on my pain.

12. A no-sex pact? I actually have this going on with every woman in America.

13. If I remember correctly, Rayban was the official sponsor for world war I.

14. It’s been 6 months, I’m always hot!

15. Please don’t take her from me!

16. You’re going further down, down town!

17. At least you have a wife. I’m getting divorces and knocked down.

18. Yeah, kids say all kinds of crap.

19. It’s like a woman wanting to be… a king.

20. There’s sensitive and there is too sensitive.

21. He’s been divorced, I have some experience in that area.

22. Mike played with the boundaries of normal human conduction.

23. Haha, Ross is gay, very funny.

24. I have lots of opportunities!

25. I’m dead and nobody cares.

26. I lost the will to live.

27. Space is filled with orbiting children.

M. Stefanova, 2014.


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